Our Rescue Dogs Rock!

This is Enzo! He is still in Foster Care with Red Rose Inspiration for Animals and is doing so well! If anyone is interested in adopting him please contact us to inquire further (“About Us” Section).

Here is a letter from the family that originally rescued this cutie:

September 15, 2011

We are so extremely grateful for Red Rose Inspiration for Animals and especially, Tina Allegrezza, that we’re compelled to share our story

Our family rescued Enzo, a 2 year old Shepard mix in November, 2009.  Enzo was a bit skittish when we rescued him, but a very sweet natured dog.  As Enzo became more comfortable in our home, he became very loyal and loving with our family, but anxious around strangers and territorial when new people would come into our home.  We worked with 2 different trainers to help Enzo overcome his anxiety and stranger aggression but we didn’t really see significant changes in his behavior.  We have two young children and we were worried about Enzo’s unpredictable behavior with our children’s friends. We began to look for a more suitable home for Enzo, that’s when we came across Tina and Red Rose Inspiration for Animals.

Tina offered to take Enzo into her home as a foster and work with him until he found a forever home.  In the three short months that Tina has had Enzo, he has completely transformed into a new dog.  Enzo is now extremely social and has completely lost his anxiety and aggression towards strangers.  He gets along well with other dogs and is now one of the most social dogs at the dog park!  Tina and her volunteers have a special gift with animals, with a lot of compassion, patience and commitment; they have transformed Enzo into the uninhibited and social dog that we always knew was waiting to shine through.

We are forever grateful to Tina, Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, and all of the volunteers that assist this wonderful organization.


Brian & Kari B

Phoenix, AZ


Sept 17th & 18th Event!

Last weekend, Red Rose Inspiration for Animals held their first Fall Art and Crafts show of the season!Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 animal rescue organization in Sedona that performs its fundraising by promoting high quality art and craft shows. If you have never heard of us and just stumbled upon this blog, let me give you a quick highlight of who we are.

  • Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is focused on saving abused, neglected, and homeless animals.
  • We are dedicated to healing and rehabilitating canines who are suffered from emotional abuse and then helping them become adoptable.
  • We are a no kill organization that promotes spay and neuter to make a difference in the over population of canines and felines.
  • We promote programs that connect animals with people.

This last show was a lot of fun!! I would like to acknowledge the founder of Red Rose, Tina Allegrezza, and the VP, Amy Darwin, for all their hard work. I think these ladies  were craving sleep by the end of it all.

It was perfect weather for an Art Show in the beautiful town of Sedona. There was a variety of incredibly talented artists showcasing their paintings, photography, copper fountains, pottery, fine jewelery, and more.

All of the artists and vendors within this show were really amazing. Everyone had such a great attitude and were really supportive of animal rescue – which of course, is what the show is all about!

We were proud to sponsor the Humane Society of Sedona as they brought out their new RV filled with animals in need of adoption or fostering. Their volunteers were at the show all weekend long answering questions about adoption and educating people on low cost spay and neuter programs.

Meet Blue, one of the Humane Society of Sedona's dogs, who found his forever home on Sunday afternoon at the event.

We were also proud to sponsor the Runnin W Wildlife Center – an organization in Cornville that is USDA, State and Federal licensed facility for native and non native animals and the WTPC Rescue Project out of Sedona.

The event was a great success and we are so thankful for the many people that helped made it possible. Remember, only about a month until our next show of the Fall Season! It will take place Oct 22 & 23rd! More details to come!Here are a few more pictures from last weekend:

Scouty’s Going Away Party

It’s been a great week! We are getting all of our social networking programs up and running, and we helped get two amazing dogs adopted!!

Our loving Scouty is going to his new home in Tuscon, AZ on Sept. 2nd! As happy as we are for him, we are going to miss him very much, so we decided to throw him a going away party! Scouty had his going away party at the Sedona Dog Park yesterday evening.

Scouty had a wonderful time and many of his human and doggie friends came out to wish him luck! We would like to say thank you to everyone for coming out, he is very blessed to be so loved by everyone. We would also like to thank everyone for his wonderful presents.

Scouty loves his new sunglasses, after all, you have to be careful when dealing with Arizona sun.

We also want to add that our precious Ms. Cola, the Vizsla Mix, is going to do a trail visit for the week with her new potential parents. Let’s hope this is Cola’s forever home. She is such a sweetie and deserves all the best! We will surely miss her and wish her a life of happiness and plenty of love!

Adopt a Pet Today

“My furs are not in storage, nor lying on the bed, they’re dancing ’round my feet, waiting to be fed”. F. Paiva

Animals can be a blessing to any family or individual! Adopting a rescue animal can be an amazing way to change your life and the life of that animal. Currently, we are featuring three of our beautiful dogs that are available for adoption! Interested in the adoption of any of these animals? Check out our website at www.redroseinpsiration.org and find the Contact Us section.


Enzo – Male – Beagle/Shepard Mix

Enzo is an amazing dog that has come a long way. He came to our rescue fearful of people and, at times, quite defensive. With gradual socialization, we helped him deal with his fear and emotional scars. He is becoming quite the charmer and he loves going to the dog park. He would love a household with older children and would do well with other dogs. He does need plenty of exercise and would make a remarkable hiking companion.


Cola – Female – Vizsla Mix

Cola is a very sweet and loving dog. She is suffering from some abandonment issues after the sudden death of her owner. Cola would love to snuggle up with you or simply sit with her head on your lap. Cola absolutely loves the dog park and has lived with 3 other dogs.


“Boy” Scout – Male – Fox Hound Mix

Scout is a very loving animal. His owner, who he loved very much, passed away, and because of this Scout is also suffering from some abandonment issues. A team of experienced volunteers are currently working to help me overcome his emotional pain. Scout is sweet, loving in nature, and very smart. He also loves other dogs.


Again, if you are interested in adopting any of these rescue dogs, or considering becoming a foster volunteer, please go to our website and let us know!


New Mission Statement!

We just wanted to write a quick post so that we can share our exciting news! We have re=written our mission statement! As mentioned in our previous post, we are now trying to raise funds so that we may open an Animal Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center in Sedona, Arizona! We already have the land we just need to build onto it!

So, given the change of direction our organization is moving in, we have changed our Mission Statement to this:

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc., is focused on saving abused, neglected, and homeless animals. We are dedicated to healing and rehabilitating canines who have suffered from emotional abuse, helping them become adoptable. We are a NO KILL organization that promotes spay and neutering to make a difference in the over pet population of canines and felines. We promote programs that connect animals with people.

Got Love for Art & Animals?

Our next Arts & Crafts show is coming soon, less than a month away! As always, this event will be showcasing many talented artists and providing support for the many animals that need it!

The shows in the past have always been a lot of fun, and we are very excited for this upcoming event! The show is located in the parking lot of the Olde Sedona Bar & Grill in West Sedona, September 17th & 18th.

Also, for the first time, we at Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc., will have our very own booth during the event. While we are still going to be supporting many of the same charities and organizations that we always have in the past, we are now trying to raise additional funds so that we may begin the process of building an Animal Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center!

It has been an amazing journey for us so far, and one heck of a learning experience. We are ready to begin growing as an organization so that our dream of a Sanctuary/Rehabilitation Center can become a fast reality.  The Sanctuary/Center would take in dogs and cats that are in need of rehabilitation due to fear or behavior issues and give them a chance to learn to trust again in hopes of finding them a forever home. Animals deemed unadoptable will live out their natural lives at our sanctuary. Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. has a NO KILL designation.

We are re-writing our mission statement and are going to be working very hard to spread the word about who we are at, Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, and what we hope to achieve. If you are in the Sedona, Arizona area this time next month stop on by the Arts & Crafts show! We would love to get a chance to met people who share our interests! We are always in search of loving and responsible foster owners! =)

Keep checking back with our page! We will be posting updates about the upcoming shows and the volunteer opportunities with Red Rose Inspiration for Animals!!